Left meets Right

Fascism is not a static phenomenon. Swastika clad thugs can be a real danger - but they are unlikely to enter the mainstream. However other New Right tendencies are more dangerous in this respect as they hid their right wing origins in popülist even leftist and anarchist clothing. One example of this Alexander Dugin' Eurasian movement. While collaborating with Putin, they present a Eurasian politics rooted in Nazi-Soviet collusion of a kind which led to the partition of Poland in 1939: a fusion of left and right. In fact this is a return to classic fascism with the fusion of nationalism with syndicalism (Italy) and socialism (Germany).

This is the context in which Leonid Savin, or the Ukraine has been working for the last few years. Now he the chairperson of the Ukrabnian Eurasian Youth, Dugin's Youth Wing. Nevertheless he as been attending conferences and taking up positions or responsibility in envronmentalist and alter-globalisation networks and organisations. But behind his friendly facade, his political commitment is to the far right. He has infiltrated a number of organisations and this warning is being circulated so that those he contacts can clearly understand his political agenda and respond as they think fit.

It should be said that Savin's case is not a uniques one. People from new/far right forces can try to infiltrate other organisations. They can come not only from Russia and the Ukraine, but also from other countries; and not only from Eurasian but also National Bolshevik or other New Right organisations.

For Savin at Duginist camp see: here.

Contact: info ((at)) antisystemic.org, and grassroots.kyiv ((at)) gmail.com

On New Right infiltration in PGA

I do not go to details of Eurasian ideology here, I am sorry to link to American nazi site in this list, but link http://www.nationalvanguard.org/story.php?id=2033 from pretty much sums up what is it about.

Leonid Savin first approached PGA in prior to Dijon meeting, when he was involved in "Anarkh Akbar", anarchist samizdat from Sumy, which was decent at least.and that paper had the same contact address as Leonid's "Eurasia" NGO. Now it however seems it was Leonid's brother who was all the time more close to anarchist politics, whereas Leonid was attracted to New Right ideas of Dugin's Eurasian movement from the beginning. Among theoretical texts, Anarkh Akbar had introduction to Eurodusnie-collective and interview of Koekoeroe radio of Leiden, but I do not know if it was Leonid or his brother visiting Holland.

First, Leonid's group was excluded from PGA infopoint list. Actually, his group is not anymore in http://www.nadir.org/nadir/initiativ/agp/pgaeurope/infopoints.htm, although it is shown in the map.

Leonid was then excluded from pga_europe_discussion (where he is subscribed as lsavin at mail.ru), and pga_europe_resistance (where he is subscribed as evrazia at ukr.net).

Exclusion from e-mail lists is a symbolical one, since he may create a new address and come lurking again, since these lists are open. But I still think this exclusion is a necessary step to show that New Right, or any other authoritarian infiltration will not be tolerated in PGA. Since Leonid will understand that he is not welcome to any upcoming PGA event, he perhaps may find other ways to spend his time than lurking in PGA e-mail lists. I am also aware, that any willing group or individual may declare himself as an PGA infopoint, and that list in the site is no any authority. I pointed possible problems resulting from this already in Leiden where infopoint structure was created, but I was replied that in case one of the self-declared infopoints break PGA hallmarks, other groups just stop corresponding with it. So I see this as a test if infopoint sctructure is capable of guarding PGA hallmarks or not - now it is up to every infopoint to make conclusions and react.

After Belgrade, "West Essex Zapatista" claimed, that discussion in final plenary proved European PGA to be completely ignorant with danger of fascist infiltration. I do not agree with this, but I agree that most of the Western European PGA activists just gullibly think that nothing like this may never happen, and thus it makes no sense to take this into account when planning PGA forms of networking - whereas in former Soviet Union nazi, fascist, red-brown and new right (as if they differed a lot from each other) infiltration in radical politics is an everyday business. I think this is a good opportunity for us to draw necessary lessons.


http://www.ainfos.ca/04/dec/ainfos00336.html). But I may not justify

It came to our attention that one of the subscribers was using the e-mail "evrazia" and, on another list, made some rather questionable remarks concerning this philosophy, which is clearly linked to the new right. While we strongly believe in attempting to dialogue with people of different world views, we were concerned, especially given the open strategy of entrism used by leading persons in the new right, that information from this list might be going eventually to these people, and are concerned of the implications of not taking any stand against this phenomenon. In the end, it was decided that the person, Leonid, should be removed from this list. Further, in order to prevent such mishaps, it was suggested that new subscribers by introduced in a more public way.

Savin is not only a Euroasianist, but is the "leader" of the Sumi eurasianists http://evrazia.org.ua/index.php?action=showcat&catid=6 http://nopasaran.re-org.org/

It's another case of what shit the anti-globalist melting pot is. I decided to google Mr. Savin. He was at an informal PGA meeting in Dijon in 2003. Now, the eurasia mailing is the PGA info point for Ukraine. http://www.nadir.org/nadir/initiativ/agp/pgaeurope/infopoints.htm


New Right and Indymedia

I'm really surprised being that the main argument for setting up the current IMC (Ukraine and Russia) was to take the Russian-language IMC out of the control of somebody with new right leanings.
(I'm also quite surprised about the fact that, years after dear departed Alain Kessi promoted anti-left-right synthesis discussions, some people who he was working with invite eurasian fans into their projects. It looks as if these discussions were not loud enough.)
Program of the Eurasians. I've been to the page evrazia.org.ua
Some scary texts and links. For example -
Front page - picture of round table with Dugin, Prokhanov from the nationalist/anti-semitic paper "Den" and Alain de Benoist.

Speaking of photos, eurasians from Sumi took these:

Leonid Savin.

The stuff I'm finding is pretty funny. For Russian speakers, you can delight
for ages on this page. http://dglobal.narod.ru/
Authors include Mr. Savin, Toni Negri, Andrej Grubacic, Noam Chomsky, John Zerzan and of course Mr. Dugin. (I'm sure no fault of anybody except the people compiling it.
This is very funny for Russian speakers. (Not related to Savin but to Dugin - )
About the book Savin published:

you can see write up of Belgrade conference which mentions Ukraine InfoPoint: kolumbus.fi/antra/BELGRADE.htm (the writer is currently in jail for refusing to join the Finnish army)

Institutional Racism and Far right infiltration in the PGA

The West Essex Zapatista analysis has consistently concentrated on the Bakuninist, hidden hierarchy, Eurocentrism and Institutional racism of the PGA and how this makes it easier for Right wing infiltration to occur.

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